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Oh man

Home from the best weekend EVER

I love Reading Festival. Love love love love love it.

And My Chemical Romance. Man. Don't even get me started. I didn't really have any time to be excited and flail about it when it was over because I had issues with my tent but now that I am home and warm and dry and have watched the highlights a couple of times OH MY GOD

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I'm going to Italy on the 8th of July, which is awesome, great, wonderful, I'm terribly excite.

But going to Italy meant that I couldn't go to Oxegen in Dublin, which I had terribly, terribly vague but possible plans for weeks and weeks before the line up was even announced. And it means I can't go to T in the Park on the 10th, which I also had plans for. Oh, and it means there's no point in me applying for iTunes Festival tickets either, yep.

These days all happen to be days that My Chemical Romance are playing on. In the UK(/Ireland).

Even more relevant and heartbreaking?

My birthday is July 10th.

How likely is it that they will play UK(/Ireland) dates on my birthday again? I mean really!

And I can picture you all sitting there, rolling your eyes, 'don't complain, you're going to Italy!' And I know and I'm excited! It just sucks that I'm going when I am wah life is hard :( :( :(
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I got an email from mibba earlier with an announcement for a story update. Which was a) the most exciting thing ever because I lovelovelove that story, and b) the weirdest thing ever because all of the stories I have ever loved have been left as cold and lonely WIPs and never get updated.

Still, I read the update with lots and lots of glee and then for no real reason, moseyed on into 'My Mibba' and, my stories, and there it was, my baby, my very own cold and lonely WIP. Circo.

I got such positive reactions to that story, and I wondered momentarily if people would react the same way to an email about Circo as I did about the email I got.

I then noticed that the last chapter was posted April 19th 2010. 364 days ago.

So... what better way to honour that than to start the rewrite I've been promising myself I was going to start.

I should be doing uni work, but I think if I don't ever finish this story it will follow me for the rest of my life, because I still think about it all the time.

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I hate people who don't know me but think I should give a fuck about their opinions.

I got my tattoo retweeted by Reading and Leeds' twitter earlier, which is awesome. But prompted a couple of assholes to think they could one up me.

'that is NOTHING to be proud of'

'thats the gayest thing i've ever seen. as if you're not going to regret an MCR tattoo. they probably 'saved your life'...'

'mcr are bent and you have a tattoo. oh dear'

Damn, I'm so glad they were there to inform me of that.

I totally hate My Chemical Romance now and I'm gonna rip up all my posters and merch and throw their CDs away. Yep.


If someone has a positive opinion on something, AWESOME, there is no problem with that. But why do people insist on spreading their negativity? And these assholes think they have the right to belittle me and put me down over something that I like?

Like, sure, some people don't like My Chemical Romance, and that is totally fine, but why do they have to put down people who do? What in the fuck do they gain from that?

I don't know where this is going and I apologise for the sweariness all over your flist but I've been put in a really bad mood about the whole thing :(
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I got my Reading ticket today.


Ugh, I'm so excited. I don't think I even care what the line up is I just want to go because I will love it again and it will be great.

Is it too much for me to be hoping that My Chemical Romance are gonna be playing though... even though they're at that French festival that are the exact same dates? I miss them already ;______;

*crosses fingers*
*crosses fingers*
*crosses fingers*
*crosses fingers*
*crosses fingers*

So yeah, there's that.

I also started my new term at uni. The new brief sucks. MORE FAILURE HEADED MY WAY.

Aside from that though, I do not have much to report. My life is kind of lame at the minute, but I'm going to a party tomorrow evening which will probably be messy and beautiful and just what I need right now. Yes.

Lastly, can we all just appreciate Franks green socks in these interviews? Or is that just me?

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bbb fail

So, if I'm honest, it doesn't look like I'm gonna get anywhere with bbb. Which sucks because I had an awesome idea and a great cheerleader. I just don't know when I'm going to get the time to write it after this week.

I pretty much failed my last brief at uni, so I really need to get my act together and focus on that as opposed to fic.

Idk, I'll try and get it done, I just don't thing it'll happen in time for bbb.

Note to self: never sign up again, that way you may succeed at actually finishing fic.