March 24th, 2011

Frank Leathermouth Blood Grr


I hate people who don't know me but think I should give a fuck about their opinions.

I got my tattoo retweeted by Reading and Leeds' twitter earlier, which is awesome. But prompted a couple of assholes to think they could one up me.

'that is NOTHING to be proud of'

'thats the gayest thing i've ever seen. as if you're not going to regret an MCR tattoo. they probably 'saved your life'...'

'mcr are bent and you have a tattoo. oh dear'

Damn, I'm so glad they were there to inform me of that.

I totally hate My Chemical Romance now and I'm gonna rip up all my posters and merch and throw their CDs away. Yep.


If someone has a positive opinion on something, AWESOME, there is no problem with that. But why do people insist on spreading their negativity? And these assholes think they have the right to belittle me and put me down over something that I like?

Like, sure, some people don't like My Chemical Romance, and that is totally fine, but why do they have to put down people who do? What in the fuck do they gain from that?

I don't know where this is going and I apologise for the sweariness all over your flist but I've been put in a really bad mood about the whole thing :(