April 19th, 2011

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I got an email from mibba earlier with an announcement for a story update. Which was a) the most exciting thing ever because I lovelovelove that story, and b) the weirdest thing ever because all of the stories I have ever loved have been left as cold and lonely WIPs and never get updated.

Still, I read the update with lots and lots of glee and then for no real reason, moseyed on into 'My Mibba' and, my stories, and there it was, my baby, my very own cold and lonely WIP. Circo.

I got such positive reactions to that story, and I wondered momentarily if people would react the same way to an email about Circo as I did about the email I got.

I then noticed that the last chapter was posted April 19th 2010. 364 days ago.

So... what better way to honour that than to start the rewrite I've been promising myself I was going to start.

I should be doing uni work, but I think if I don't ever finish this story it will follow me for the rest of my life, because I still think about it all the time.