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That time of year.

So, I signed up for bandombigbang and as soon as I saw my comment there in the sign ups, I was like, oh god, what have I done??

Basically, I write fic. I write lots and lots of fic, but I never actually finish. It's a curse and it drives me mad, so I am almost certain this will be a repeat of last year where I wrote 16000 words of utter rambling because I was forcing it and I wanted to finish so I could start the other ideas in my head, but I didn't want to start them at the same time because I would get mixed up/confused/distracted.

Basically I suck.

I have only signed up for wave two this year. No use in biting off more than I can chew. Again.

I just need a plot. They're usually pretty important. hmmm.

Oh! And! I've already noticed that a couple of my favourite writers have signed up which fills my lonely little heart with so much glee I can barely contain it. Next step? Convince caller15, you know you wanna join bb, and write 10/20,000+ plus of bandom. You knooooooow you do!
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