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So some of you may know (except you probably don't, because, I don't post much about my personal life) that I am in DESPERATE need of a job but no-one wants me because I am 18 and therefore have to be paid full wages, but I have NO experience and nobody wants to pay full wages to someone who has NO EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING EVER!

So, I have had a total of ONE recruitment evening in about 6 months. And that ended in a very polite but nonetheless upsetting rejection letter.

However, today, I have an interview for an easy little waitressing gig at quite a good resturant at the local football ground (people know of Delia Smith, right? Because yeah, it's there, only not in the main restuant, but you know, still at one of her terrace booths, or something, I'm not sure, anyway, I digress) and I'm super excited because HELLO MONEY I NEED YOU SO I CAN GET A SEXY NEW PHONE AND MY MUM WANTS ME TO START PAYING RENT!

Except, I woke up this morning to discover that thursday nights drunken 4am finishing adventures have ended with a shady looking bruise on the bridge of my nose.

Did I mention I have applied to work at DELIA SMITH's resturant? She only OWNS the motherfuckin club. I don't think they like to hire people who are capable of getting bruises anywhere on their face. I mean. I know she won't be there, but her little managers and stuff know who to keep out of their employment!

Grrrr. Now I need to leave my house and buy make up for my face. I have never ever owned make up for my face apart from eyeliner, I have no idea what I am doing.

Grr again.

How is everybody else.
Talk to me. Or something? :D?
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