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I'm going to Italy on the 8th of July, which is awesome, great, wonderful, I'm terribly excite.

But going to Italy meant that I couldn't go to Oxegen in Dublin, which I had terribly, terribly vague but possible plans for weeks and weeks before the line up was even announced. And it means I can't go to T in the Park on the 10th, which I also had plans for. Oh, and it means there's no point in me applying for iTunes Festival tickets either, yep.

These days all happen to be days that My Chemical Romance are playing on. In the UK(/Ireland).

Even more relevant and heartbreaking?

My birthday is July 10th.

How likely is it that they will play UK(/Ireland) dates on my birthday again? I mean really!

And I can picture you all sitting there, rolling your eyes, 'don't complain, you're going to Italy!' And I know and I'm excited! It just sucks that I'm going when I am wah life is hard :( :( :(
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