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art is a weapon, the aftermath is secondary.


I never know what to write in these things; but this profile layout is just so wonderful thay I have to make something of it. But I'm gonna keep this simple.

My name is Max...Okay, so it isn't really. Max is like...a secret internet identity. I'm very secretive about my reading/writing. I'm the same person in real life as I am on the internet, personality-wise, I'm not gonna go Hannah Montana on yo' ass. I'm trustworthy, I swear.

I only really write/read Frank/Gerard fiction. I don't really know why...I think that I don't listen to or know enough the other bands who are normally found in ff...idk. My best friend writes Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat (only not on LJ, boo her!) so I am kind getting into that...

Glee is literally my favourite show on TV. I can't imagine anything better. I would like Kurt Hummel to be my best friend. Srsly. I don't watch much else on TV, ha! I love movies too, but I get proper critical of them which you may notice if you sift through my LJ enough!

PS! *Points down* There's some credit links down there. You should check them out!
PPS! My 'interests' section is actually more just 'thinks I like' as opposed to interests. HAHA.